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Monster Hunter Riders Mod APK, a sequel to the success of Monster Hunter Stories. Capcom recently announced that it is embarking on the final session to get ready to release it across the mobile market. Based on some information from Capcom, they confirmed that the gameplay of the two games would be similar.

The difference between the two games this time will be a new world, a new story, and new Monstie for players to enjoy. Not only that, Monster Hunter Riders will appear more and more new features to create unique experiences for players.

About Monster Hunter Riders APK

Monster Hunter Riders APK is the latest game of the famous Monster Hunter series on mobile platforms. After Monster Hunter Stories APK, we have had many Monster Hunter products for Android. Many people think this is a more mature version of Monster Hunter Stories but we don’t think so. Monster Hunter Riders mod apk bring additional features and a new storyline. Besides, the gameplay has also been improved to bring a great game experience to mobile users.

The story of Monster Hunter Riders APK

Monster Hunter Riders mod apk are set in the Ferujia continent, where humans and monsters have lived peacefully for hundreds of years. One day, a natural disaster happened that almost destroyed this land. It divided this continent into smaller lands.

The weakness of humans and the continent of Ferujia caused dark forces to rise to break the balance and dominate the world. They control monsters to attack and kill humans. At this point, 10 heroes stood up to fight evil. They are called the Monster Riders. With monster training skills, Monster Riders will fight to bring peace back to the world.

Improved gameplay

In Monster Hunter Riders, the gameplay is a combination of role-playing adventure and turn-based combat. As described by the developers, the gameplay is flashy and overwhelmed.

You will play as a Monster Riders apk with the task of collecting and training monsters. By moving back and forth between lands, players can face many new types of monsters, fight and win them to be able to receive monster eggs.


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Download Monster Hunter Riders MOD Apk 1.0.1 [85M]


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