v.3.36 Zombie Castaways MOD, Unlimited Money APK Hack Download

Zombie Castaways Mod APK is a brilliant island building game in which you have to play a zombie looking for zombium to turn back to a human in order to reunite with his lover. Explore the island for resources and enjoy a huge variety of building categories in the game.

Your goal is to explore the island by removing the trees, bushes and marble stones blocking your way. In order to manage the resources needed to complete the task, you have to build and manage your island.

Start with planting seeds like blueberries, clovers, rye, poppy and more. You can also expand the island territory by using bangs in the game that explode the obstacles in the way and reveal more land for you to harvest or build upon.

A friendly zombie falls in love with a girl and sets off in search for Zombium to become a Human.

The world of zombies is vast, bright, and full of funny characters. Explore magnificent islands and make your way through the thickets to take a step closer to solving the Zombie’s secret. Grow unusual plants, fruits, and flowers to cook Zombium. Construct world famous buildings, complete tasks, and decorate your island to become a Human and find your Love.

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About Zombie Castaways Unlimited Money Mod

Zombie Castaways Unlimited Money Mod – A new world of zombies. Speaking of zombies, everyone must have thought it was monsters specializing in eating human brains, spreading horrible and very scary plagues. Zombie themes are widely used in game worlds like Zombie Tsunami, Plants vs Zombie, …

All create formidable villainous images of dead bodies. However, I want to introduce you to a completely different view of zombies. Those are honest zombies and they want to find their love. Unbelievable! But that’s what is happening in Zombie Castaways APK 3.35.1.

Zombie Castaways Mod APK Download [101M] – [Feb 1, 2020]

Zombie Castaways Mod APK v.3.35.1 [apkpark].apk
Zombie Castaways Mod APK v.3.35.1 [apkpark].apk
Zombie Castaways Mod APK v.3.35.1 [apkpark].apk

v.3.36 Zombie Castaways MOD, Unlimited Money APK Download [101M]