Designite Professional v3.6.3.0 + Crack

Designite is a software design quality assessment tool. It analyzes C# code and identifies software quality issues. Specifically, it detects a comprehensive set of architecture, design, and implementation smells and provides mechanisms such as detailed metrics analysis, Dependency Structure Matrix, trend analysis, and smell distribution maps. Designite helps you reduce technical debt and improve maintainability of your software.

Architecture smells

Designite detects 7 smells at architecture granularity that impact maintainability of your software architecture.

Design smells

Designite detects 20 design smells violating one of the object-oriented design principles.

Implementation smells

Designite detects 11 implementation smells to keep your software readable and less complex.


Designite computes object-oriented design metrics that are helpful to gauge the structural health of a software.

Trend analysis

Designite supports trend analysis to reveal the evolution of software from the smells perspective.

Smells distribution

Designite allows the user to see the distribution of detected smells using Treemap.


Dependency Structure Matrix is a compact visual representation of dependencies among software system entities.

Console application

Designite provides a console application with various options to allow integration with external tools.

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Designite Professional v3.6.3.0 + Crack

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