[2.1.13] Steam Profile Integration 2.1.12 NULLED – Steam IPS 4 Integration Free Download

Steam Profile Integration – applications for the full integration of your Steam profile on the IPS Community Suite 4 forum.

This app will obtain data from Steam for your users, and groups, and place it in your IPS Community database for use anywhere on your site. Your board will re-load your members Steam Online information, in configurable batches, every 2 minutes, so you always have up to date information without impacting load times of your community pages.

  • Member Profile
  • Next to Members' posts
  • Member Hovercards (Steam Online Status only)
  • Widget: X Random Online Steam Members displayed anywhere you can place a Widget
  • Widget: Steam Group information

More detailed information about the members Steam profile is displayed on the Members Profile page.  Including an optional list of games the member owns.  Out of the box the list of games can be shown in either an image grid layout, or list view.

Steam Profile Integration 2.1.12 NULLED Demo: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8170-steam-profile-integration/

Steam Profile Integration 2.1.12 NULLED Download: https://www.mirrored.to/files/0V9DL8CJ/steam-profile-integration-2.1.12-nulled.tar_links

Steam Profile Integration 2.1.12 NULLED Installation instructions: https://www.mirrored.to/files/0SS0OU5H/ip.board-steam-authentication-method-master-nulled.zip_links

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