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Android News App is a mobile news system which run under Android platform that used for your own news application. Développé avec le langage Java natif faire l'application rapide et en douceur courir. ImplementGoogle Material Design make the app beautiful in design and users experience.

Integrated withpanneau d'administration to manage news, Catégorie, notification and many more anytime and everytime you want. Admin Panel side developed using PHP and MySQL Database.

Clean code and good design is main priority, by using this app, you can save your money and time in creating app for your own native mobile news app.


Android News App 3.3.0   (Not Nulled Version Yet)
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.3.0
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Dependencies Library
- Fix description content that does not appear
- Fix date display that still appears on the video menu list when date display is disabled
- Add close dialog on exit app

Android News App v3.2.0
- Build in latest Android Studio 3.2.1
- Update to latest Gradle Tools and Dependencies Library
- Update targetSdkVersion 28
- Integrated with OneSignal Push Notification
- Fixed Bottom Navigation Menu
- Text selection on news description can be disabled
- Handle to show dialog notification when app is opened
- Handle duplicate token when users re-install the app
- Reduce APK size

Android News App Nulled Demo


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