v.2.2.4 GravityView Gravity Forms Import Entries Nulled


Here’s a walkthrough of using Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin. With the plugin, you can import CSV files into Gravity Forms free download. Then click on Import Entries.

You can also search for a form by typing a form name in the search box. Click on the name of your form to proceed.

Enter a new form name then click the “Continue With Import” button to proceed.

For each column in your import file, choose the Gravity Forms field you want to map it to. You can skip columns by selecting “Do Not Import” from the “Import To” dropdown. You can also create a new field during import by selecting “Add Form Field” from the “Import To” dropdown.

This setting is only visible if you are importing data into a form with required fields. This setting will allow you to import rows from your CSV that do not contain the required fields.

If your form has feeds configured, this setting allows you to trigger the feed for each imported entry. Each entry will be sent to the checked feeds. Of your feeds are configured with conditions, those conditions will be respected when processing each entry.


  • Go to Gravity Forms’ Import/Export Page
  • Drag and drop or click to upload a CSV file
  • Choose an existing form or create a new form
  • If you choose an existing form, you’ll see a list of your forms
  • If you choose to create a new form, name the new form
  • Map fields from your CSV file to form fields
  • Once mapping is complete, click the Continue With Import button
  • Configure the import settings
  • Ignore Required Form Fields

GravityView Gravity Forms Import Entries Nulled Demo