v.1.0.3 Sliper Nulled (Full-screen Slider for Elementor)


Slipper-Nulled is a full-screen, customizable and responsive slider plugin for Elementor, that lets you control the total width of your slider without any hassle.

Have you ever tried to create a full-screen slider in Elementor? It is not an easy task. Slipper – Full-screen Slider for Elementor is the most popular slider in the market and it has been designed to bring an elegant and professional touch to your website. With a simple installation process, this plugin will help you create sliders, sidebars, or any other design that demands high-quality presentation on your website.

There is nothing better than a responsive slider to give your website a modern and fresh look. And, when it comes to design, Elementor is the best WordPress plugin for you. Combine these two incredible tools and you get the Sliper Nulled!

Slider is a powerful responsive slider elementor widget for WordPress that helps implement all your creative ideas in the easiest way.

Want to create beautiful, high-quality slides without having to know how to code? Sliper Nulled is the perfect tool for you. With a few clicks, you can get started – and with add-on packs like Timeline, you’ll be creating amazing slides in minutes.

Sliper is the perfect way to create slides for your next presentation or speech. With our intuitive interface and flexible settings, you’ll be able to create beautiful slides without code. Sliper has a full-screen mode, cool animations, and an optimized design that makes it easy on your eyes.

Sliper Nulled Feature

  • Customize your site with the content source of your choice, such as your own blog posts or even custom-made images.
  • Easy to use interface so anyone can create a website without needing any technical knowledge.
  • Choose a custom image and text for your social media posts or use any type of content you want.
  • Create engaging content by using WordPress posts, Woocommerce products, and more.
  • Choose from a wide range of templates, colors, fonts and more.
  • Insert images (no photo editing required)
  • Send out your blocks to friends or colleagues and ask for feedback
  • Changing the layout and content of blocks is easy. Add as many blocks as you need and change them at any time.
  • Innovative interface – clean, simple, organized.
  • Fully responsive. Design and customize with ease.
  • Unlock new features by upgrading, so you can give your website a boost.
  • Make the slider your own by personalizing it with colors and fonts to make it your own style.
  • Customize the slider. Whether you want it to be mobile-friendly, to respond to gazes, or even be responsive to your touch.
  • Responsive and personalizable settings that allow you to produce a layout that is perfect for your device.
  • With the Sliper, you’ll always have a universal way to navigate on any device.
  • Ease of use and accessibility for all means that anyone can jump into the app without reading a manual.
  • Stay productive wherever you are. Forget about the clunky mouse and get back to being awesome!
  • Fast and intuitive interface that will keep your fingers moving freely for hours on end.
  • Fully optimized for touch, just tap or swipe to turn pages, zoom, use the keyboard and more!
  • Product features: – beautiful design& UI –  bold designs& textures – A/B testing functionality _
  • Features description: – Explore a variety of bold designs with a range of colors to find your perfect fit.

Sliper – Full-screen Slider for Elementor Nulled Demo*