v.1.2.5 WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart Button Nulled


WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart Button Nulled extension allows you to hide prices and “add to cart” buttons of specific products and categories. Choose to hide them for non-logged-in, registered customers, or by user roles. Replace prices with custom text and cart buttons with contact forms or custom buttons that link to the page of your choice.

You can also enable “catalog mode” to hide the “add to cart” button on specific products, categories, or across the entire store. 

Features of WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart Button Nulled

  • Hide prices and/or “add to cart” buttons for specific products and categories
  • Choose whether to hide them from logged out or registered customers, or from certain user roles
  • Option to hide price and/or add cart for specific countries
  • Replace prices with custom text
  • Replace the “add to cart” button with a contact form or a custom button
  • Rule-based management

Use Cases of Hide Price & Add to Cart Button:

Generally, the best marketing approach is to display your prices upfront, sometimes depending on the business, the marketing strategies might suggest otherwise.  Here are some important use cases where this extension can prove to be the ultimate solution.

Show prices to logged-in users only:

Depending on your marketing strategy you may want to hide prices for non-logged-in customers and show only when they are logged-in. For example, if you have different prices for different countries or user roles, you might want to keep the prices hidden and show the correct prices once they are logged in.

Turn your shop into an online catalog:

It’s a perfect solution for merchants who just want to show their products online by keeping the prices and add to cart button hidden. The WooCommerce store will act like an online catalog that merchants can share with anyone on the go. Depending on the requirements, they can choose to display prices and keep add to cart hidden.

Customized products:

When you are selling personalized products you may not want to show the price on the product page. With this plugin, you can hide price and replace add to cart button with a contact 7 form to let your customers submit their requirements VIA a simple popup form.

Create rules to hide price & add to cart nulled

You can create multiple custom rules to remove add to cart button and price. This empowers you to optimize price and cart button visibility depending on whether the visitor is a guest or registered customer, or has a specific user role.

WooCommerce Hide Price & Add to Cart Button Demo


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