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*** WooCommerce Wishlist Changelog ***
2021.02.12 - version 2.2.4
    * Fix:  Fix deprecated add_to_cart_message notice.
    * Fix: Only move the first found Wishlist button inside of a bundle or composite container.
    * Update: Be sure to call the woocommerce_add_to_cart_product_id filter when adding products in the default case.  Helps with Product Bundles.
    * Update:  WC and WP version compatibility tags.
    * Update:  Compatibility with WC 4.9 email templates.
    * Update:  Compatibility with Product Bundles – Variation Bundles
    * Update:  Check session object exists before attempting to use.

WooCommerce Wishlists Nulled allows guests and customers to create and add products to an unlimited number of Wishlists. From birthdays to weddings and everything in between, WooCommerce Wishlists is a welcome addition to any WooCommerce store.

Increase Sales and Conversions by having a WooCommerce Wishlist

Studies show that allowing customers to save and manage their own Wishlist can increase your sales and conversions. What better way to encourage customers to return to your site than allowing them to save items for later, or create their own dream list of products for that special occasion? Plus customers can share lists with friends and family via social media and  open the door to potential new customers and visitors. WooCommerce Wishlists Nulled

WooCommerce Wishlists Nulled Key Features

WooCommerce Wishlists is an powerful extension with unique and useful features available.

  • Guest visitors can create their own Wishlists to be stored for a maximum of 30 days or until they clear their cookies.
  • Registered customers can create Wishlists and store them indefinitely. WooCommerce Wishlists Nulled
  • Unlimited number of Wishlists can be created. Whether it is one list for a special occasion, or a few personal lists and a few shared lists — possibilities are endless. WooCommerce Wishlists free download
  • Full privacy control over lists. Customers can assign their Wishlists as public (anyone can search and find their list), shared (only someone with the unique URL can view), or private (only they can view it). WooCommerce Wishlists gpl

WooCommerce Wishlists Nulled Demo

Download WooCommerce Wishlists v.2.2.5

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