WPML Sticky Links Nulled v. Addon Free Download

WPML Sticky Links Nulled prevents links between pages and posts from ever breaking, even if pages move and get renamed.

WordPress makes it all too easy to change page addresses, causing all incoming links to go broke (404 error). Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Change the page’s parent
  • Change the slug
  • Change the site’s permalink structure

WPML prevents changes in URLs from breaking incoming links. When you create a link, WPML automatically makes it Sticky. Instead of storing the URL of that page (at the time the link was created), it stores the page number. This can never change, no matter what you do.

Your users will never see these “strange” links. Instead, WPML will replace them with the current permalinks when displaying the pages.

Once you enable the Sticky Links module, you can control what strings it handles. To do this, go to the WPML -> Sticky links page.

WPML Sticky Links Nulled Demo

Download WPML Sticky Links Nulled Addon v.1.5.4

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