v1.0.6.3 WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Nulled (Email – SMS – Facebook Messenger)

Download WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery v1.0.6.2

The WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Nulled plugin is a powerful tool to recover lost sales and increase your customer base. It sends automatic emails to customers who abandoned their carts and provides a product-specific discount in the email. It also sends SMS messages to customers with the same offer. This plugin also enables you to send automated Facebook Messenger chats with the same offer to customers who abandoned their carts.

You are in the middle of a huge shopping frenzy on Cyber Monday, but you don’t want to close your computer yet to make a new order. You know that you clicked the “Place Order” button earlier, but for some reason it seems to have been abandoned. With this extension, you never have to worry about losing any more customers. WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery will help you get those orders and increase your sales.

Is your store losing customers due to abandoned carts? If so, you are not alone. Abandoned carts can be frustrating to stores and their customers. If you would like to know how to keep your customers happy and engaged, then take a look at our Abandoned Cart Recovery solution. We offer a customizable abandoned cart solution that includes email notifications and follow-ups.

Abandoned Cart Recovery is the easiest way to recover abandoned shopping carts. We will send personalized offline messages to your customers, reminding them to finish their purchases. Our plugin also integrates with most of the popular WordPress eCommerce plugins, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix etc.

Are you losing sales because of abandoned carts? Try the most effective abandoned cart recovery plugin to stop customer from abandoning their cart. It automatically records your customers’ cart information so that you can reach out to them and convince them to pick up the order.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Nulled Feature

  • Lowers shopping cart abandonment rates by up to 60%.
  • User experience: quick, easy and automatic.
  • Customer service: Clarity on abandoned carts means that customer service can focus on higher priority issues.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by sending a customer an in-app notification
  • Trigger a follow up automated message
  • Get more conversions with smart reminders
  • Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Reduce cart abandonment by up to 80% with WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Let customers recover their carts from any device, at any time.
  • Get your abandoned carts back to shopping with just a few clicks.
  • Do you want to recover the abandoned carts and increase your sales?
  • WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery will capture the cart information.
  • It’ll email abandoned customer with cart recovery messages at the right time.
  • With this plugin, you can also show coupon codes to convince customers to come back and finish their purchase.
  • Get customer details and use them to come up with a personalized marketing campaign.
  • Offer product discounts and other incentives through email, SMS or phone calls.
  • Request the customer to complete check out at a particular online store and persuade potential customers to make purchase for your products.
  • Automatically extract purchase information from email and then use this information to contact the customer
  • Offer discount to the customer who is on the edge of purchasing
  • Request him/her to complete check out

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Download WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery v1.0.6.2

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