v1.1.9 WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages Nulled

*** WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages Changelog ***

2021.02.09 - version 1.1.8
* [Update] - Update WP Conditions to 1.0.10
* [Update] - Use 'asp_id' for package ID in shipping package data

Download Advanced Shipping Packages Nulled v1.1.8

Split your cart into separate shipping packages. Each package and the products inside will be shown separately in the cart and checkout pages. Each gets its own shipping rates based on your setup.

Features of WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages Nulled

  • Unlimited shipping packages: There’s no limit to the amount of shipping packages that you can create. Using the sorting feature you can control which packages should be applied first.
  • Full control when a package is created, and which products are added: You have full control when a package should be created, and which products are added to said packages. You control all this using conditional logic.
  • Setup custom package names: Each package can have its own name which will show at the cart/checkout to the customer. You can also re-name the default shippnig package in WooCommerce.
  • Exclude shipping methods from packages: Not every shipping method will be available for each package type. Using the Exclude feature you can ensure certain rates don’t appear for the cre

Using powerful conditional logic setting you can create the packages exactly up to your need when you want, and with the products you want. The customer will see separate shipping options for each package, according to how the packages are created. Note that the rest of the products in the cart are in a bundle called ‘Shipping.’ This is a default that cannot be changed.


Can I use this plugin to ship to multiple addresses?

No, the Advanced Shipping Packages Nulled plugin is only meant for scenarios in which you need to split the shipping packages. For shipping to multiple addresses take a look at Shipping Multiple Addresses.

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Download Advanced Shipping Packages Nulled v1.1.8