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[2.8.1] Relevanssi Premium Nulled Advanced WordPress Search Free Download

This plugin replaces the standard WordPress search with an improved search engine with many features and customizable options. You will get a better view of the results – your users will be grateful to you.

WordPress search doesn’t search everything, and doesn’t give you enough control over what is searched and how. Relevanssi gives you full access and full control, with plenty of filters and ways to make Relevanssi work the way you want your search to work.

PDF contents Relevanssi can read the text from your PDFs, index it and search it! Read more about indexing PDFs. 

Multisite searches Relevanssi can run searches across many subsites in the same multisite network. 

Custom fields Relevanssi will find the content in your custom fields, including things like WooCommerce SKUs, ACF field content or whatever it is you store in custom fields. Read more about custom field search. 

User profiles Yes, Relevanssi will find users by their names and profile descriptions. 

Taxonomy terms No matter if you prefer categories, tags or custom taxonomies, Relevanssi will return the term archive pages in searches! 

Shortcode output Relevanssi can expand shortcodes and find content generated by shortcodes.

Relevanssi Premium Nulled Demo

Relevanssi Premium Nulled 2.4.3 Download

Relevanssi Premium Nulled 2.5.2 Download

Relevanssi Premium Nulled 2.8.1 Download