[3.0.9] WooCommerce Dropshippers MultiDrop AddOn Nulled v.3.0.8 Free Download

WooCommerce Dropshippers MultiDrop is an Add-on for WooCommerce Dropshippers. It will NOT work unless you also have WooCommerce Dropshippers installed.

This plugin will add multiple Dropshipper functionality in the existing WooCommerce Dropshippers installation.

What this plugin will do:

– Each product (variable or single) can now have one OR MORE dropshipper assigned
– Each assigned dropshipper will have his own Dropshipper Price for that product
– After an order has been placed (On Hold status) the Admin/Shop Manager will be able to select which Dropshipper will ship the order for the products that have more than one Dropshipper assigned
– Once the order goes to Processing every Dropshipper will receive the notification as usual

WooCommerce Dropshippers MultiDrop AddOn Nulled Demo


WooCommerce Dropshippers MultiDrop AddOn Nulled 3.0.8 Download