v.5.17.1 StoreApps Smart Manager Nulled

Manage your entire WooCommerce store directly from a single screen using Excel-like spreadsheet. WooCommerce stock management, inventory management, inline edit, instant search, export; bulk edit and update of products, variations, orders, blog posts, any WordPress custom post types…Smart Manager Nulled is jam-packed with powerful features both in the Lite and the Pro version. Manage Your WooCommerce Store 10x Faster

It’s your smart WooCommerce store manager that boost your store productivity 10x and gives you massive time savings. 19350+ happy users, 4.3 stars out of 5 from 130+ reviews, 8+ years track record. You won’t go wrong with Smart Manager .

While the Lite (free) plugin is very useful, we’ve included even more advanced features in Smart Manager Pro …Click here to know the difference between Lite & Pro.

StoreApps Smart Manager Nulled Features

  • Smart Manager has also been tested to update 10000, 100000+ records within minutes.
  • Perform operations like append, prepend, increase, decrease, etc. in bulk.
  • Update single/multiple fields for few or all records at once…without errors!
  • Reduce prices, increase inventory levels, change product categories, attributes, order status or any other fields, all in bulk quickly…without errors! StoreApps Smart Manager Nulled
  • Copy any field from any record using Batch update.
  • Filter any post type & perform bulk edit operations on them.
  • Utilize your time. Switch to other tasks while the Batch update runs in the background.
  • Inline edit multiple records in one-go without saving entries every time.
  • Inline update ‘Product Gallery Images, Featured Image’ using the media library.
  • Delete all products based on filters, categories, attributes. Delete featured images, media library images directly from the grid.
  • Delete orders, coupons, any post type in bulk and using search filters.
  • Duplicate single, multiple or all records.
  • Advanced search using multiple AND, multiple OR, multiple AND + OR conditions to get very specific results.
  • Create Excel-like custom views or segmented views, i.e view only the data you want. Enable / disable data columns, make edits, apply filters, save. Supports all post types.
  • Predefined custom views Product Stock & Product Price List
  • Set permissions based on user roles as to who can create and access custom views.
  • Export CSV for all post types all or filtered data using date filters, search filters or column filters.
  • Add your own logo to packing slips/order printing and also print the same in bulk.
  • Know the lifetime value (LTV) of all your customers along with their total purchases to date and last order details.
  • Manage WordPress user roles change user role, change password, etc.
  • Give dashboard specific access to non-admin users including any custom user role.
  • Compatibility with top WooCommerce & WordPress plugins. Smart Manager automatically recognizes all custom fields added by other plugins.

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