v.3.5 Bookly PRO Appointment Booking and Scheduling Software Systems Nulled

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Added support for Bookly 19.3
Added ability to customize content in ‘New booking combined notification’ by using the each block
Added ability to customize content in Settings > Calendar by using if and each blocks
Added ability to customize content in Settings > Customers > Customer address by using the if block
Added ability to customize content in Settings > WooCommerce > Cart item data by using the if block
Fixed an issue when user with admin rights couldn’t complete the payment in WooCommerce
Staff timezone setting has been moved to Advanced tab in Edit staff window

Automated online booking & scheduling for WordPress: fully customizable booking form with online payments, notifications, and Google Calendar sync.

Bookly Pro Nulled and add-ons enables advanced features of Bookly online appointment scheduling plugin. With Bookly Pro, you can remove all the limitations of the free version of Bookly WordPress plugin.

Once you purchase and install Bookly Pro Nulled, you will have Bookly plugin and Bookly Pro add-on activated. You are free to add more advanced functionality to your default configuration with various Bookly add-ons for automating your online booking system.

If you use the legacy version of paid Bookly Free Download, please update to the latest version. Follow the instructions on the migrator page to switch to the new Bookly nulled with ease and for free.

Bookly Pro Nulled Add-Ons (Already included into zip file)

  • bookly-addon-staff-cabinet-v2.6
  • bookly-addon-stripe-v2.0 Bookly Pro Nulled
  • bookly-addon-chain-appointments-v1.8
  • bookly-addon-coupons-v2.0
  • bookly-addon-customer-cabinet-v2. 2
  • bookly-addon-custom-fields-v1.7
  • bookly-addon-files-v1.8
  • bookly-addon-locations-v2.7 Bookly Pro Nulled
  • bookly-addon-multiply-appointments-v1.9
  • bookly-addon-multisite-v2.2
  • bookly-addon-packages-v2.7
  • bookly-addon-ratings-v1.8 Bookly Pro Nulled
  • bookly-addon-recurring-appointments-v2.6
  • bookly-addon-service-extras-v2.7
  • bookly-addon-service-schedule-v2. 2 Bookly Pro Nulled

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Download Bookly PRO Nulled (+ Add-Ons) v.3.4

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