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February 25, 2021 - version 2.7.2
New: Redis support for unix sockets
New: Select database for Redis integration
New: Add support for WOFF2 fonts in Browser Caching module
New: Support for LiteSpeed server in Browser Caching module
New: Clear Cloudflare cache from admin bar
Enhance: Asset Optimization notifications
Enhance: Asset Optimization support for RTL assets
Enhance: Integration with Varnish cache
Fix: Asset Optimization combining assets on Basic mode
Fix: Asset Optimization not being able to inline remote assets in rare cases
Fix: Asset Optimization duplicating inline scripts during processing
Fix: Asset Optimization improve handling of core WordPress scripts
Fix: Asset Optimization compatibility with Oxygen builder
Fix: Asset Optimization compatibility with Bimber theme
Fix: Browser Caching module overwriting individual expiry values
Fix: High contrast icons in Asset Optimization module
Fix: 500 server error when clearing Varnish cache from the dashboard
Fix: Tabs navigation on mobile devices

Hummingbird Nulled is a performance optimization plugin proposed by WPMUDev. After activation, it scans your site for possible speed improvements and provides precise settings for compressing files, minimizing and caching the browser. Not only does Hummingbird Free Download make your site faster, but it also helps you improve your ranking on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights!

Automate optimization with the Hummingbird Pro Nulled utility belt packed with file compression, asset optimization, a complete caching suite, Cloudflare integration and performance monitoring that really gets your site flying!

Hummingbird is queen of WordPress optimization and she's here to zip through your site and find all new ways to make it load at record speed. Hummingbird Pro is a performance and optimization pro tool dedicated to giving your site SuperSpeed. Offer the same quality content at a fraction the load time – analyze, minify, compress, merge and cache.

How to Install Hummingbird Pro?

  • The Quick Setup Wizard popup will appear on every Hummingbird screen the first time the plugin is accessed after activation.
  • We recommend running an initial test to help establish a benchmark from which you can assess the impact of your performance and optimization efforts, but you can skip the test if you wish.
  • Click Run Performance Test to initiate a test or click Skip to dismiss the Quick Setup permanently.
  • If you choose to run the performance test, a progress bar will appear.
  • When the test completes, you will be taken to the Performance Test Page and the results of the test will populate the relevant elements there.
  • See the Performance Test section below for an explanation of how to configure and understand your test metrics and reports.

How to Free Download?

We dont offer free download because ads revenue is not enough to provide you clean, up to date products. You can click to download button and go to and buy membership to download Hummingbird Pro. You will find some instructions in the zip file about how to null them by yourself (if it needs to be nulled)

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Download WPMU DEV Hummingbird Pro Nulled v.2.7.3

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  1. Hummingbird Pro Nulled Download 2.4.1, is it cracked one? does it include the API key. Where am I supposed to find the API key.

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