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= 2.0 - 18 Feb 2020 =
* Feature : Roles screen
* Feature : Multiple role assignment on Add / Edit User screen
* Feature : Restrict access to Admin Menus per-role
* Feature : Restrict access to Nav Menus per-role
* Feature : Menu Restrictions page accepts role argument, links to corresponding Capabilities page
* Feature : Capabilities page links to corresponding Menu Restrictions page
* Feature : Settings screen
* Lang : Fixed handling, activated partial translations in German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Belarusian, Catalan
* Change : Capabilities screen - move role selector to top left, eliminate load button
* Change : Capabilities screen - move some sidebar items to Settings screen
* Change : Adjust some captions, variable names, more selective code execution
* Compat : bbPress - Forum, Topic and Reply capabilities were not displayed in Editing Capabilities grid (now supported by Capabilities Pro)
* Fixed : Invalid Capabilities - Brief explanatory caption; avoid false positives for post types with map_meta_cap disabled
* Fixed : PHP warning for invalid foreach argument, on sites with no active_plugins option stored
* Fixed : Backup > Restore - Negated capabilities were not displayed correctly in restore preview
* Fixed : Backup > Restore - Clicking label for Initial Backup jumped selection to Last Manual Backup
* Change : Backup > Restore - Preview displays "No changes" below role name where appropriate= [1.10.1] 8 Oct 2020 =
* Fixed : "Display Branding" was not successfully deactivated
* Fixed : Type-Specific Capabilities options included some non-public WordPress post types that don't support capability customization
* Fixed : Review of role backup contents does not show name of current roles which would be removed by restoring backup= 

PublishPress Capabilities is the best plugin to control permissions for your WordPress posts, pages, media and custom post types.

Capabilities allows you to manage user roles. You can create and copy roles. You can choose specific permissions for each role. PublishPress Capabilities Pro Nulled

Capabilities Nulled also enables you to back up, restore and migrate your site's permissions. PublishPress Capabilities Pro Nulled

The main features of PublishPress Capabilities

Add all your authors in WordPress

Control user permissions

PublishPress Capabilities Nulled gives you detailed control over all the permissions on your WordPress site. You can customize all the user roles on your site, from Administrator to Subscriber.

Create and copy user roles

With PublishPress Capabilities you can create or copy any existing WordPress user role. These roles can be added to single sites or to an entire multisite network. PublishPress Capabilities Pro Nulled

PublishPress Capabilities Pro Nulled Features

  • Control WordPress PublishPress Capabilities Pro Nulled user permissions
  • Create and copy user roles
  • Control editing permissions
  • Control deleting permissions PublishPress Capabilities Pro Free Download
  • Control read permissions, PublishPress Capabilities Pro Nulled
  • Control permissions for plugins
  • WordPress Multisite support
  • Custom permissions for post statuses
  • Custom permissions for BuddyPress
  • Pro version downloads and updates PublishPress Capabilities Pro GPL
  • Remove PublishPress ads and branding
  • Priority, personal support

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Download PublishPress Capabilities Pro v.2.0.1