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FacetWP Map Facet Add-On v.0.9.1 Download


Improved significant performance boost (esp. for maps with many markers)

FacetWP Map Facet Add-On Nulled This add-on generates a map to display geocoded results. It can also filter results by showing only results within the map bounds.


This add-on generates a Map facet type, which works just like any other facet type.

The Data Source should be a custom field containing a comma-separated latitude, longitude.

Common data sources:

  • Advanced Custom Fields Nulled has a Google Maps field type that provides geolocation. For the facet’s Data Source, choose the field name underneath the “Advanced Custom Fields” header.
  • WP Job Manager plugin Nulled automatically stores geolocation data. Set the facet’s Data Source to geolocation_lat.

Marker content

Enter display code for the content that displays when a marker is selected. The following example outputs the title, link, and excerpt.

FacetWP Map Facet Add-On Demo

FacetWP Map Facet Add-On v.0.9.1 Download

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