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With Toolset, you can charge visitors for submitting new content on your site. This is often required on directory, classified sites, and listings sites.You must install Toolset Forms Commerce Nulled plugin to add payments to Toolset forms Nulled.This is what visitors will see when you enable payments for forms.

Once the visitor submits the form, a new post is created in the database. Toolset Forms Commerce Nulled loads the product that’s associated with this form and sends the client to buy it.Visitors can login to an existing account, if they have one from before, or continue without logging in. After clicking Place order, a new order entry is created in your database, indicating that payment has started.

Client completes the payment with their preferred payment method. Once payment completes, they return to your site.When payment completes, they arrive back to your site and see the payment confirmation and instructions on what’s next. The post status updates and the client receives a confirmation email.Below are the setup and configuration instructions from within the WordPress admin. You will learn how to can create forms that include payment, as in the example above. Toolset Forms Commerce Nulled

Setting Up Payments with Toolset Forms Commerce

Toolset Forms Commerce uses WooCommerce Nulled for product setup and payment processing. This way, you enjoy a wide range of payment options, reporting and statistics tools for your form payments.Using a fully featured e-commerce plugin for payment processing may seem like a big hassle, but in practice the setup is very simple. We’ll show you exactly what to do.First thing you need to do is download and install the WooCommerce plugin. Toolset Forms Commerce GPL

Toolset Forms Commerce Nulled Basic WooCommerce Configuration

When you activate WooCommerce, it offers you to create the store pages. You should accept this and let WooCommerce create its pages. This will include the store page (which we’re not going to use), the cart and checkout pages.

Then, go to WooCommerce → Settings and do the basic setup.

Toolset Forms Commerce Nulled Features

  • The notification on form submission changes to notification for going to checkout. This means that you have the customer details available to send the notification. Toolset Forms Commerce Nulled
  • A new option is added, to notify when payment status updates. When you select this option, you can choose on what purchase status to notify. Toolset Forms Commerce Free Download
  • You can send the notification to the billing address of the customer. This is the email entered in the WooCommerce checkout page, before going to payment. Toolset Forms Commerce GPL

You can add fields for your product and customer directly into your notification subject or body text. Just click on the Placeholder icon and select the field you want to include from the pop-up window.

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Download Toolset Forms Commerce Nulled v.1.8.3

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