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v.1.1.0 Give – Paytm Gateway Nulled Download

Paytm makes it easy to accept donation payments on your website with one of India’s most popular gateways. Paytm is secure, easy to setup, and offers some of the lowest pricing in the industry. Integrate GiveWP and Paytm and begin accepting online donations today.

How it Works

When a donor is completing the donation process on your website they are presented with a Paytm payment option. If they choose Paytm they will be redirected to the Paytm website where they can complete the donation. Once the payment is completed the donor is returned back to the website and displayed the donation receipt.

Why Paytm?

Paytm is quickly becoming the preferred form of payment in India for everything from bills, eating out, and as well, donations.

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v.1.1.0 Give – Paytm Gateway Nulled Download

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