v.2.0.2 Divi Table Maker Modules – Brings Beautiful Responsive Tables to The Divi Builder Nulled

Download Divi Table Maker Modules Nulled v.2.0.1

The Divi-Modules Nulled – Table Maker demos below are all live examples. View them at Desktop, Tablet and Phone sizes to see Table Maker’s responsive options in action.

Table Basics Tables Nulled can include any combination of table content, column headers, column footers, row headers, and row footers. Table Configuration Tables can have multiple column and row headers and footers. Column widths and row heights can be set using a combination of flexible and fixed units.


Table Scrolling Tables

can be set to scroll, with optional sticky column and row headers to keep headers pinned to the edge and visible at all times.

Table Responsive

Tables can be set to display as blocks or accordion at tablet and phone size, with the option of breaking the table by columns or by rows. View the tables below at tablet or phone size to see the difference.

Table Spanning

Table cells can be set to span across multiple columns and rows. Even complex table configurations, like the one below, still work beautifully at tablet and phone size

Table Content

Table content can include text, icons, buttons and images. For a complete list of available icons, please see here.

Table Frame

Tables can be framed with gaps or lines. Gaps put a space between each table cell, allowing backgrounds to show through. Lines frame each cell with a solid or decorative border.

Table Colors

There are separate color options for table content, column headers, column footers, row headers, and row footers. Styles can be applied table-wide, per column, or individual cell. Divi Table Maker Modules Free Download There is also an option for alternating color rows which can be separately applied to table content, headers and footers and ordered by odd or even rows.

Divi Table Maker Modules Nulled Demo

Download Divi Table Maker Modules Nulled v.2.0.1

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