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Version 8.0.0 Beta 1
FEATURE-1453 - Provide admin user attribution in credit log entries
FEATURE-1636 - Blend admin theme refresh - many updates and improvements
FEATURE-2004 - Implement email delivery service: SparkPost
FEATURE-2294 - Implement support for email delivery services
FEATURE-2300 - Implement email delivery service: MailGun
FEATURE-2302 - Implement email delivery service: SendGrid
FEATURE-2320 - Implement Email Campaign Tool/Improvements to Mass Mail
FEATURE-2323 - Improvements to IDN Support
Also known as: CORE-10435
FEATURE-2338 - Implement user-based access and management for client accounts
FEATURE-2360 - Implement SEO Friendly URLs for Shopping Cart Product Groups
CORE-9662 - Encrypt Custom Field type Password
CORE-10446 - Correct JS event for custom nameserver selection
CORE-11587 - Ensure voting can be performed across multiple knowledgebase articles
CORE-11600 - Ensure credit applied from mass pay is put to the credit balance if the contained invoice(s) are already paid in full
CORE-12123 - Improve precision of cron data summary reports
Also known as: CORE-11893, CORE-12272
CORE-12292 - Allow multiple simultaneous instances of mass email creation and sending
CORE-12737 - Clarify AddonActivated and AddonActivation hook documentation
CORE-12761 - Ensure created_at is set when creating a new client
CORE-13284 - Corrrect banned email count
CORE-13439 - Remove unused whois.php
CORE-13607 - Updated documentation for GetTLDPricing
CORE-13663 - Improve admin details in Oops! for early runtimes
CORE-13763 - Improve information and UX for cron status
CORE-13860 - Improve non-latin domain name SSL check routine
CORE-13893 - Ensure attachments with complex filenames can be imported via pipe.php
CORE-13912 - Apply conditional mutation to gateway settings
CORE-14026 - Add support for 3 decimal places for tax rates
CORE-14085 - Increase float storage for larger pricing amounts
CORE-14092 - implement 'charge at earliest' for GoCardless
CORE-14096 - Implement OAuth for email importing from GSuite
CORE-14237 - Ensure improved email text placement output using UTF-8 encoding
CORE-14259 - Update dependencies for v8.0
CORE-14273 - Update "Assign Affiliate" Modal to use the Intelligent Client Search
CORE-14282 - Implement translation for SpamExperts landing page
CORE-14286 - Update documentation for UpgradeProduct API
CORE-14295 - Ensure correct renewal domain name is selected with unicode characters
CORE-14300 - Ensure Dynamic Field Translations apply to "Addons & Extras" panel in service overview
CORE-14308 - Log SQL errors when saving Metric Pricing
CORE-14309 - Render direct store links when editing MarketConnect products
CORE-14314 - Ensure Addon details are retrieved when sending Welcome Emails
CORE-14320 - Billable item doesn't convert html entities when auto creating description from product name.
CORE-14328 - Send notifications when an Admin is tagged in a Ticket Note via API
CORE-14329 - Add 'South Sudan' to list of countries
CORE-14340 - Ensure links are hidden in report print view
CORE-14371 - Allow specifying ticket & reply creation date
CORE-14395 - Toggle deprecated AutoAuth to disabled on upgrade to 8.0.0
CORE-14412 - Update documentation to note that ClientDelete hook is deprecated in favor of PreDeleteClient
CORE-14420 - Improve compatibility with the non-native pdo_mysql PDO driver
CORE-14427 - Suppress Automatic Termination and Suspensions for services with Payments Pending
CORE-14464 - Ensure Upgrade Order warnings link to correct order
CORE-14465 - Ensure lifetime promotions can be applied to upgrade/downgrade orders via Admin Area
CORE-14466 - Improve display of dropdowns in Setup Wizard
CORE-14482 - Update WHOIS for .ve
CORE-14484 - Ensure totalDomainCount is returned when accessing a single domain renewal
CORE-14487 - Correct parameter docmentation for DomainTransferCompleted and DomainTransferFailed hooks
CORE-14492 - Disallow prorata billing with onetime billing cycles
CORE-14504 - Remove hardcoded strings from SSL Certificates landing page
CORE-14512 - Improve sensitive path health check for certain PHP environments
CORE-14522 - Ensure correct currency displayed when retrieving client services on admin ticket open
Also known as: CORE-14735
CORE-14527 - Correct sidebar search with phone number field
CORE-14528 - Improve UX of cart checkout when no payment gateways activated
CORE-14542 - Improve Display of Promo Code Dropdown
CORE-14547 - Correct language string for mass cancel orders
CORE-14549 - Accept gateway system name string in createRemoteCardPayMethod and createRemoteBankPayMethod
CORE-14551 - Correct listing for these Indian States
CORE-14557 - Correct numreturned count on GetInvoices API
CORE-14566 - Ensure billing address associated with pay method is pre-selected when editing
CORE-14568 - Improve performance of SSL check on service and domain details pages
CORE-14573 - Provide admin choice of client or admin based language for invoice PDF download
CORE-14577 - Improve UX around changing a service/addon from free to recurring
CORE-14580 - Ensure Products with invalid pricing cannot be added to cart
Also known as: CPL-127
CORE-14581 - Remove deprecated pipe/ directory
CORE-14584 - Correct nextduedate value when altering an addon service from recurring to one-time
CORE-14585 - Improve UX of discard credit workflow on invoice deletion
Also known as: CORE-14768
CORE-14587 - Update product and product group deletion to utilize a modal
CORE-14593 - Prevent One Time products from showing all billing cycles on edit
CORE-14595 - Implement "Create Add Funds Invoice" admin permission
CORE-14606 - Ensure IDN domains correctly match their associated hosting accounts in cart
CORE-14609 - Correct color for Completed in admin services dropdown
CORE-14611 - Improve clickable area for admin support tickt service selection
CORE-14623 - Add index to tblhosting.username
CORE-14629 - Ensure template specified for Out of Stock page
CORE-14630 - Correct saving of automatic UUID generation
CORE-14633 - Update documention for UpdateTodoItem API
CORE-14636 - Apply Cancellation Request Sorting Pagination
CORE-14641 - Correct formatting of Transaction ID in invice refund tab
CORE-14644 - Set server dropdown to None when there are no servers on service details page
CORE-14645 - Provide view invoices link to service addons page in admin area
CORE-14647 - Improve formatting of buttons on ticket replies
CORE-14659 - Correct handling of a deleted service associated with an invoice
CORE-14669 - Ensure required tooltip does not display during Domain Transfer processing
CORE-14670 - Ensure captcha is required for each PWReset attempt
CORE-14673 - Update Digicert product brands logo
CORE-14679 - Add growl confirmation on sidebar ticket change auto-save
CORE-14681 - Add calendar icon to datepicker on client summary mass action fields
CORE-14685 - Prevent fatal error when invoice is cancelled during cron run
CORE-14689 - Do not attempt to use a null paymethod on checkout
CORE-14692 - Remove references to legacy column tblsslorders.provisiondate
CORE-14697 - Update POP3 default port to secure port
CORE-14698 - Ensure new Captcha image displays on failure in Domain Checker
CORE-14702 - Replace Twitter Intents with Twitter embedded widget
CORE-14712 - Improve description of Suspend/Terminate Days in Automation Settings
CORE-14717 - Ensure Custom Field search dropdown is populated on admin area Products/Services list page
CORE-14719 - Ensure disabled servers are not contacted during usage collection
CORE-14723 - Correct line breaks related to content from ShoppingCartValidateDomain hook
CORE-14726 - Ensure specified billing cycle criteria option honored by Email Marketer
CORE-14727 - Remove incorrect references to Carbon in various API docs
CORE-14728 - Ensure prorata disabled when billing cycle set to One Time
CORE-14730 - Prevent multiple submissions of Product Group creation
CORE-14739 - Ensure monetary values are formatted in the Sales Tax Liability report
CORE-14744 - Provide translation of GeoTrust SSL and Sitelock feature text
CORE-14746 - Provide better reporting of Storage Issues identified during email send
CORE-14749 - Correct tag display in support ticket section
CORE-14752 - Correct client detail handling in admin search
CORE-14753 - Correct Google Analytics tracking ID usage
CORE-14756 - Improve Time-Based Tokens Two-Factor Auth Labels
CORE-14757 - Ensure consistency of invoice line item ordering
CORE-14767 - Improve mail collection and remove PHP-IMAP requirement
CORE-14769 - Improve display of automation tasks
CORE-14775 - Restrict internal Smarty variables via policy
CORE-14780 - Show appropriate author in tickets printable view
CORE-14782 - Improve responsive behavior of password generator button in client area
CORE-14783 - Remove v4 Admin theme from distribution
CORE-14785 - Implement unique constraint on tblconfiguration.setting
CORE-14788 - Add comparison to previous period for income totals in transactions
CORE-14801 - Remove Reset and Send Password link in leu of Send User Forgotten Password link
CORE-14807 - Replace LBCL-LoginFromContactDoesNotLeakClientLinksCept.php
CORE-14819 - Remove boxes order form template from distribution
CORE-14820 - Remove modern order form template from distribution
CORE-14825 - Remove references to HipChat
CORE-14826 - Create webhooks for Stripe Smart Card
CORE-14886 - Blend admin theme exploratory
CORE-14914 - Create Invite email templates
PMA-157 - Improve description of Project Management Summary report
MODULE-7001 - Improve Logging of Bitpay errors
MODULE-7055 - Improve error handling of domain pending suspension response from Enom
MODULE-7178 - Ensure soft limit overrides for config options is honored in Plesk
MODULE-7314 - Improve postal code verification error handling with Stripe
MODULE-7319 - Deprecate Paymate AU and Paymate NZ
Also known as: MODULE-7390, MODULE-7358
MODULE-7337 - Improve error handling for DirectAdmin
MODULE-7351 - Correct SiteLock FTP button
MODULE-7359 - Correct inconsistency with address details for new customer with Stripe
MODULE-7378 - Correct storage of Auto Release config option name
MODULE-7399 - Correct spinner icon for Weebly Update FTP Credential action
MODULE-7411 - Correct parameters for test mode with Moneris
MODULE-7412 - Ensure privacy is not passed in request for .IN domains for GoDaddy
MODULE-7413 - Force One Time Payment Option Via PayPal Checkout When Invoice For Recurring Service is Overdue
MODULE-7416 - Ensure recurring amount value not set for non-recurring services on order with PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7418 - Exclude archived channels with Slack channel selector
MODULE-7419 - Correct Client Redirection In 2Checkout Inline
MODULE-7420 - Ensure WHOIS privacy not added for specific TLDs with GoDaddy
MODULE-7422 - Prevent fatal error when adding Pay Method via client area with Worldpay Futurepay
MODULE-7424 - Disallow onboarding with PayPal Checkout if SSL is not detected
MODULE-7425 - Inform admin about future non-callbacks expectation for PayPal Checkout unlinking
MODULE-7426 - Add separate configurations for product and live App credentials in PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7429 - Prevent Cancellation of PaymentIntent With Stripe After Successful Payment
MODULE-7430 - Improve joining and error messaging for Slack channels
MODULE-7434 - Ensure Auto Release generated tickets reference Addon ID when used as module for Addon
MODULE-7435 - Correct contact parameters for .lat with ResellerClub
MODULE-7441 - Improve warning messages for Stripe
MODULE-7442 - Prevent scrolling due to error message from Stripe
MODULE-7444 - Ensure tax exempt status when applicable for Stripe payment intent
MODULE-7445 - Improve message for payment attempts in Transaction History
MODULE-7446 - Record Stripe capture errors in Transaction History
MODULE-7447 - Prevent incorrect intent data from submission to Stripe
MODULE-7450 - Improve Stripe statement descriptors for checkout authorizations
MODULE-7453 - Implement Stripe "Smarter Saved Cards"
MODULE-7456 - Deprecate and remove Kayako Loginshare
MODULE-7461 - Improve input to payment intent cancellation API call for Stripe
MODULE-7463 - Improve default descriptor for Stripe
MODULE-7465 - Improve webhook management for various Stripe integrations
MODULE-7468 - Deprecate and Remove GameCP module
CORE-12412 - Update TestURL for WorldPayFuturePay XML
CORE-14693 - Improve XML handling with Nominet
CORE-12579 - Correct client IP parameter for AddClient API
CORE-14334 - Ensure CreateInvoice adds appropriate Activity Log entry
CORE-14346 - Improve group validation for AddProduct API
CORE-14488 - Improve descriptions in CreateInvoice API documentation
CORE-14500 - Ensure existing phone number is compatible with Automatic Number Formatting for AddContact
CORE-14637 - Ensure correct client currency for UpdateClientDomain API
CORE-14666 - Improve email validation for ResetPassword API
CORE-14672 - Correct email_preferences validation for UpdateContact API
CORE-14713 - Add return of WHMCS version to GetAdminDetails
CORE-14761 - Return Status Color in GetSupportStatuses API

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WHMCS Full Nulled v8.10 and v7.10.2

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    1. いいえ、無料でアップロードすることはできません。 $9.99 / Monthsはほぼ無料です。 Yukapo.comは当社のWebサイトです。 nulledfreeよりもはるかに多くのコンテンツがあります。

      1. Then saying free is misleading… Just take out misleading or put the actual price in there. Please do NOT say free.

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