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The creator of EasyBlog, with years of experience from developing content creation platform for bloggers, along with the team has finally build a tool that works out of the box with Joomla articles. EasyArticles Nulled allows authors to experience the entire composing to publishing process on a whole new level. It is equipped with a powerful front-end article management system and more importantly an easy-to-use interface to create content, ushering the future of content creation for Joomla articles.

Why choose EasyArticles:

EasyArticles PRO Nulled Key features:

A dynamic content publishing platform suitable for any content type without much hassle. The composer is not only easy to use, but it also includes essential features that empower your authors day to day writing such as geolocation by Google maps, article scheduling, powerful media manager and many more. EasyArticles PRO Nulled

Front-end dashboard:
Authors no longer have to go through the hassle of accessing the back-end to perform specific authoring tasks on the site. The front-end dashboard has it all.

Social media auto posting:
Articles created on EasyArticles could be shared across your social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Mobile responsive:
All the goodness of EasyArticles PRO Nulled on your mobile devices. Compose, publish, and unpublish articles on the go, whether you’re abroad or away from your PC.

Authors and editors can approve, reject or collaborate on different article submissions on the fly.

Content importers:
Authors can create multiple RSS feeds to import content from different sites. EasyArticles PRO Free Download

Infinite template choices:
Works out of the box with any 3rd party Joomla template providers in the market.

EasyArticles PRO Nulled Minor important features:

Auto saves created content in EasyArticles, to avoid losing progress on important articles that are drafted by your authors.

Google analytics:
Harness precise data of your audience in EasyArticles such as the number of users, sessions, bounce rate, session duration and countries visited. EasyArticles PRO GPL

Rich media embed:
Renders rich media embedded on the composer from popular web sources such as Facebook and Youtube.

Editor friendly:
You could use any of your favorite editors (such as Tiny MCE, JCE, RedactorJS, CodeMirror & many more) in EasyArticles Nulled.

Authors can preview unfinished articles with the preview button then save it or continue drafting it at a later time.

Content versioning:
Previous versions of published content created in EasyArticles can be displayed provided that they have been modified several times since publishing them on the site. EasyArticles PRO Nulled

SEO Publishing Options:
Define unique and specific meta keywords, meta descriptions, tags and other SEO optimization related elements on all articles created in EasyArticles Nulled.

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Download EasyArticles PRO Nulled v.1.1.4

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