[3.1.4] Komento Pro Nulled 3.1.3 – component of the comment system for Joomla

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This component provides the following benefits:
-Instant activation of interactions between honey users and receiving feedback from visitors to your site;
-Professional control of all incoming comments or spam using one simple centralized system;
-Ability to move comments from other extensions so that the Komento component can display them;
-Processing comments in JomSocial, ZOO, redSHOP and many other extensions;
-Manage certain activities that certain users or user groups can carry out in the comment area.

Komento Pro Nulled 3.1.3 Demo: http://demo.stackideas.com/komento

Komento Pro Nulled 3.1.3 Download: https://www.mirrored.to/files/1AZRNZRA/com_komento_full_pro-nulled-3.1.3_joomla.zip_links

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