[1.1.12]-[M2] Amasty Mass Product Actions Nulled Download v.1.1.11

Amasty Mass Product Action Nulled Free Download

Increase the efficiency of the catalog management. Change prices, manage attribute sets and categories, spread custom options and images, and related products.

Apply bulk modifications to multiple products and tweak the actions menu to display only required actions.

  1. Apply mass price modifications and customize the price rounding
  2. Easily copy and spread attributes, custom options, and images
  3. Perform fast delete of multiple products
  4. Easily relate products and create up-sells and cross-sells
  5. Adjust the actions menu and display only the necessary options

Stop wasting your valuable time updating the product catalog. With the Magento 2 Amasty Mass Product Actions Nulled extension the whole range of monotonous and tiring tasks can be done in a couple of clicks.

Just select the products and choose the appropriate action to spread the modification to all the items.


  • Updating price and special price
  • Modify price and special price using cost
  • Update all price types
  • Price Rounding

Easily configure product relations

Mass Product Actions Nulled also successfully performs as Magento 2 cross sell extension. Create Magento 2 cross-sell, up-sell and related product links in an easy way.

All you need to do is to set one of three algorithms in the module configuration options (one-way, two-way or multi-way) and then apply the mass action.
These algorithms work the same for related, up-sell and cross-sell products in Magento 2. All relations can be quickly removed by a mass action.

efault one-way linking

With the Mass Product Actions free download extension for Magento 2 you can use mass actions to add links to the selected products. For instance, coffee mill will become a cross-sell for coffee.

Two-way linking

Creates backward links between products. Imagine you are selling lighters, wood and cigarettes. If you indicate wood and cigarettes as up-sells for lighter, the lighter would become an up-sell for both, but wood and cigarettes would not become up-sells for each other.


Creates cross links between products. Let’s say you have products A, B, C and D and want all these products to be cross-sells for each other. Activate the multi-way relating algorithm to do this. Then select products B, C and D on the product grid, choose ‘Cross-sell’ action, indicate ID of product A in the special text field and click ‘Apply’. Thus, the relations between Magento 2 products will be added via mass action.

Amasty Mass Product Actions Nulled Demo


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