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[2.2.5] YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote Premium Nulled 2.2.4

It allows hiding price and/or add to cart button so that your customers can request a quote on every product page.

  • You can disable purchases on the whole e-commerce to turn it into a simple online catalog of your products
  • You can create a direct contact with potential customers who want to receive further information about the product
  • You can send custom quotes as a PDF format
  • You can send offers and exclusive promotions to those users requesting the quote
  • You can enable the quote request only on out-of-stock products
  • You can enable the quote request only for users registered on your site.

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote 2.2.2 has been explicitly conceived to grant a meeting point between customers and suppliers, going beyond traditional and sometimes restrictive e-commerce platforms where price only can be shown for a single product and no possibilities to deal with many products at the same time are conceived.
One of the main obstacles of online shopping, that is, communication with potential customers and negotiation, might be solved thanks to forms for quote requests.

This plugin offers customers the possibility to add items to a list and then submit it to the site administrator to get a quote for them. At the same time, administrators who receive requests for quotes can get an idea of the degree of appreciation for their products and make ad hoc offers according to customers’ requests.

Many shopkeepers sell goods or services for which a label with price is not enough. For off-the-shelf items, for which big quantities of the same product might be purchased, a buyer usually prefers to get in touch with the supplier to negotiate an ad hoc price solution. A quote request is a channel that allows that negotiation, that otherwise is difficult to achieve in online shops.

o grant you this, main features of the plugin are the possibility to display an “Add to Quote” button or link in product page that adds the item to the list for products to be quoted.
It is also possible to hide, if necessary, “Add to cart” button to encourage customers to get in touch with suppliers, and the creation of a list where all products can be collected and that can be submitted to the shop owner: it is right here that the very negotiation occurs.

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