v.3.6.4 – Wpmu Dev Wp Smush Pro Nulled Free Download

Backup original imagesOptionally store original images as a backup so you can quickly restore full quality images at any point in time.

Automatic resize & scale‚ÄúProperly size images” as recommended by Google, so the images fit within the container correctly. One-click solution.

WebP supportServe all your images in a next-gen format (25% smaller than PNG or JPEG) from the Smush Pro CDN automatically.

Auto-convert PNG to JPEGConvert PNG (without transparency) to JPEG automatically if it results in smaller file size without a visible drop in quality.

Large images up to 32MBSave a ton of space on your servers by optimizing large images up to 32MB with the one-click bulk smush wizard.

Lazy loadingConfigure lazy loading to defer offscreen images, choose custom loading animations, and improve page speed.

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Download Wpmu Dev Wp Smush Nulled Pro v.3.6.3

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