[3.7.6] ProjectHuddle 3.7.5 NULLED – Collaborative Projects and WordPress Feedback

It’s like sticky-notes on your designs & web projects.

Client feedback has never been easier. Point, click and type interactive comments right on top of your image mockups and live site designs.

Effortless collaboration.

Get clear, contextual feedback Keep right on top of your websites and designs. Say goodbye to obscure requests and long, unreadable email chains! Stay organized, save time and move forward with the project.

Collaborative Development


Client Approval & Signoff

Bug Tracking

One dashboard. Unlimited websites. Any CMS or platform.

Once you install ProjectHuddle on a WordPress installation, you can use it on an unlimited number of websites, on ANY platform. Manage all your sites from a powerful central dashboard.

ProjectHuddle 3.7.5 NULLED Demo:

ProjectHuddle 3.7.5 NULLED Download:

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Written by kaptan

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