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Change log
NEX Forms v7.6.4
NEW: Added 'Skip to Step' action for Conditional Logic. This makes it much easier then showing and hiding step based on selections. No you can now instead simple Skip to a Step based on user selections and/or input.
NEW: Date picker Setting - Set minimum pickable date
NEW: Date picker Setting - Set maximum pickable date.
NEW: Date picker Setting - Link date pickers using smart data tags inside Min and Max Date settings.
NEW: Date picker Setting - Disable dates on the fly based on the selection (values) from other fields
NEW: Date picker Setting - Disable today
NEW: Validation Setting - Add an Input mask to your field, i.e: (999) 999-9999. The user will type and the mask will automatically add the format.
IMPROVED: Overall interface styling and user experience of using Conditional Logic.

Form Analytics – Analytics that gives you stats of form views, form submissions and even form interactions! Complete with line, bar, pie, polar and radar charts. NEX-Forms also provides you with GeoLocation stats! Now you can see where your form submissions came from!

Cost Estimations / Math Logic – Use Math Logic to perform cost calculations based on user selections. Use any custom formulas on any number of fields!

Fully Responsive – NEX-Forms easily and efficiently scales to any device from phones to tablets to desktops.

Interactive Forms – Interact in real-time with your users by displaying the users input in the forms in a manner of conversation.

Conditional Logic – NEX-Forms includes advanced conditional logic to show and hide form elements based on your users input. Add unlimited rules with multiple conditions and multiple actions. For example, add a rule that has a condition for 3 conditions to be true before running any number of actions.

50+ Form Elements – Make use of 50+ Bootstrap styled fields with pixel perfect precision! From special fields to uploaders and your most common form fields.

NEX-Forms Nulled – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder Demo

Download NEX-Forms Nulled – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder v.7.7

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