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Change Log / Updates
Version 3.0 31-01-2021

[Updated] Documentation
[Updated] System Security
[Updated] System Optimization
[Updated] Sngine Libs [AWS|Embed|Faker|FTP|HybridAuth|MobileDetect|PHPMailer|SimpleImage|Smarty|Stripe|Twilio]
[Updated] Sngine JS Dependencies [bootstrap.datetimepicker|codemirror|easytimer|moment|mustache|tinymce]
[Updated] Sngine CSS Dependencies [Bootstrap|Font-Awesome]
[Added] Changed DB from MYISAM to INNODB
[Added] Background Thread for time-consuming tasks like send newsletter, garbage collector …etc
[Added] Theme Switcher
[Added] Wallet Withdrawals
[Added] Admin ability to turn the Wallet Withdrawals On/Off [Admin Panel]
[Added] Manage Genders [Admin Panel]
[Added] Gender Privacy
[Added] Sorting in Marketplace
[Added] Delete For Everyone with Chat
[Added] Links to Custom Fields
[Added] Changing Username/Name remove the Verification Badge
[Added] Show only Usernames instead of Full Names [Admin Panel]
[Added] Admin ability to turn Find by Location On/Off [Admin Panel]
[Added] Disable Friend Request After Decline On/Off [Admin Panel]
[Added] Hide profile info from settings and profile page [Admin Panel]
[Added] Set Stories Duration [Admin Panel]
[Added] Show the user max file size to upload
[Added] Desktop Infinite Scroll [Admin Panel]
[Added] Different description for each module [SEO]
[Added] Jobs & Offers to Directory [SEO]
[Added] No-follow to links in the posts [SEO]
[Added] Added Pages Category Description [SEO]
[Added] Added Groups Category Description [SEO]
[Added] Added Events Category Description [SEO]
[Added] Added Offers Category Description [SEO]
[Added] Added Jobs Category Description [SEO]
[Added] Added Blogs Category Description [SEO]
[Added] Added Marketplace Category Description [SEO]
[Fixed] Minor Bugs
[Fixed] FTP uploads CORS issue
[Fixed] Twitch Embed issue
[Fixed] Page reply to the comment notification
[Fixed] Anonymous photos showing in user profile & albums
[Removed] Instagram Login

Sngine Nulled is a PHP Social Network Platform is the best way to create your own social website or online community.

Launch it in just 1 minute with ultimate features. It’s fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated.

Features of Sngine Nulled

  • Friends Users can add others as a freind
  • Follow/Unfollow Sngine also support following system like Twitter/Facebook
  • Real-Time Real-Time Newsfeed, Chat, & Notifications and Profile Updates
  • Share Users can share any public post on Sngine
  • Smart Publisher Publisher auto-scrap (Music, Videos, Links)
  • YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud Users can share links from these media

Sngine Nulled Demo

Sngine Nulled Download v.3.0