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Whmcs Nulled 8.1.0 Changelog

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CORE-10886 – Do not send “Invoice Created” email when Order does not have invoice
CORE-12227 – Add search and UI improvements for module log
CORE-14738 – Provide Health Check for known MySQL variable issues
CORE-14777 – Correct unpaid invoice total calculations on “My Invoices” sidebar
CORE-15210 – Improving logging of admin actions related to affliate operations
CORE-15211 – Include negative tax rates in invoice email
CORE-15586 – Prevent error when transferring domain whose associated service's server does not define nameservers
CORE-15595 – Correct language selection for Admin New Order notification
CORE-15677 – Ensure Load Saved Message options reflect selected email type
CORE-15709 – Display Generic Feedback on Ticket Feedback Comments report
CORE-15711 – Improve support department POP setup UI
CORE-15739 – Only render Mass Payment button when enabled and client has unpaid invoices
CORE-15751 – Optimise downloads routine when no service provided
CORE-15774 – Improve resilience of domain SSL status sync
CORE-15795 – Prevent superfluous empty option for CC Recipients when viewing ticket as admin
CORE-15804 – Correct filtering behavior of client custom fields for Email Campaigns
CORE-15820 – Correct typo in “Available Merge Fields” section on email templates
CORE-15869 – Ensure client currency is used if available in admin order process
CORE-15878 – Prevent quantity factor of recurring amount when creating a line item of a multiple quantity service
CORE-15879 – Correct One Time promo calculation for multiple quantity service
CORE-15881 – Ensure time input is used when provided for AddInvoicePayment API
CORE-15882 – Ensure all distributed mail provider support the Reply-To header
CORE-15890 – Add Facebook Sign-in Feedback Error String to Language File
CORE-15897 – Correct display of country on save of Contact in Client area
CORE-15898 – Correct generation of UUIDs required for API actions
CORE-15899 – Remove reference to obsolete client_password merge field
CORE-15905 – Retain invites for 7 days following expiry
CORE-15907 – Correct saving of input for Mail Provider details
CORE-15910 – Improve small port view for password reset in Twenty-One
CORE-15913 – Implement automatic pruning of Module Log
CORE-15914 – Update WHOIS server for .NU
CORE-15922 – Improve display of navigation bar with many items for Twenty-One
CORE-15923 – Correct template inheritance for Marketconnect Upsells
CORE-15932 – Update EV upsell messaging
CORE-15940 – Correct display of Allow Multiple Quantities in Products/Services
CORE-15942 – Prevent partial render on invalid ticket request
CORE-15944 – Ensure correct expiry date is set for multi-year registrarion
CORE-15950 – Include pid if available when redirecting to product group
CORE-15952 – Update EV icon
CORE-15953 – Ensure registrant contact fields are visible when bulk editing domain contact information
CORE-15955 – Implement GetUsers API
CORE-15958 – Improve remote bank + remote gateway migration
CORE-15960 – Correct inheritance for invoicepdf.tpl
CORE-15966 – Ensure OX App Suite upgrade utilises quantities
CORE-15978 – Ensure Security Questions in use cannot be deleted
Also known as: CORE-15981
CORE-15994 – Correct internal type related to display of domain registration pricing
CORE-16013 – Prevent error when providing invalid domain search term in Admin WHOIS lookup

MODULE-7537 – Ensure credits apply to accounts with addons
MODULE-7541 – Transliterate Statement Descriptor Suffix for Stripe
MODULE-7545 – Correct server sync API request for DirectAdmin

CORE-15928 – Improve resilience of mod_pleskaccounts update routine

ADDON-6132 – Improve styling of Licensing addon for use in theme Twenty-One

Project Management Addon
PMA-188 – Correct display of associated projects when using custom ticket mask
PMA-189 – Improve compatibility with Twenty-One
Also known as: PMA-190

CORE-16008 – Rectify distributed example for OrderProductPricingOverride hook

CORE-15888 – Update Azerbaijani translations
CORE-15921 – Update Hungarian translations
CORE-15925 – Improvements for Admin Hebrew translation
CORE-15927 – Improvements for Client Hebrew translation

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