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WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription Nulled
2020-11-25 - version 2.9.2
* Tweak - Tested compatibility up to WP 5.6.
* Tweak - Tested compatibility up to WC 4.8.
* Fix - Fixed fatal error when the class 'WC_Widget' is not defined.
* Fix - Fixed fatal error on the settings page when it fails the request for fetching the Mailchimp lists.

Turn Your First-Time Customers into Recurrent Clients

The best newsletter list to care about is the one that has all your past clients in it. Sharing content and special sales to reactivate all your past customers surely pays off as it takes up to 7 times less money to make a customer repeat a purchase than to obtain a new one.

With WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription Nulled you may integrate into your checkout a checkbox that allows your customers to subscribe to the mailing list of your choice with one click. Moreover, you can configure a widget that will place a signup form in your sidebar or any other widget area.

You can also take a look at your stats in no time with our simple yet effective dashboard widget. MailChimpMailPoet (Version 2) and Campaign Monitor are all supported mailing clients.

Why use WooCommerce Newsletter Subscription Nulled Plugin?

  • Gather your next recurrent customers in one mailing list that you can target with promotions and other actions to increase your sales.
  • Integrates smoothly into your checkout.
  • Create a new sales channel with people already interested in you in no time.
  • Dashboard widget with the main statistics you need to keep track of your performance.
  • MailChimp, MailPoet v2, and Campaign Monitor are supported.
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Easy to Get Subscribed, Easy to Manage

Newsletter Subscription Nulled allows the customer to subscribe to the mailing list of your choice with one click in case of the checkout checkbox and by only manually including the email in case of the subscribing widget.

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