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*** WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin Change log ***

2021-01-15 - version 2.1.0
* Changed email colors.
* Feature: Ability to create a new quote for registered customers from the backend.
* Bug: Fixed JS error from console.
* Bug: Fixed file missing issue in customer quotes.
* Fixed compatibility issue with previous submitted quotes in version 1.X.

WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin Nulled empowers your customers to add products to a quote basket and ask for price estimations for the products they are interested in.

You can display the quote button on selected products and let customers add products to quote basket just like they add products to the cart and submit the quotation by filling a simple quote form. You can create multiple rules to show the quote button for selected user roles.

You can also hide prices and replace the “add to cart” button with the quote button. This feature comes in handy when you want to hide prices for wholesale, retailers, and other B2B customers and force them to ask for quotations. Merchants can also provide competitive prices based on the customers’ requirements and order size.

WooCommerce Request a Quote extension provides a smooth way to deal with certain types of customers, orders, and products. Here are some examples where this plugin can be helpful,

Features List of WooCommerce Request a Quote:

  • Create a complete quotation management system
  • Display “Add to Quote” on selected products
  • Show quote button for guests and selected user roles
  • Option to Replace “Add to Cart” with the new “Quote” or a custom button & link
  • Option to hide price and replace with custom text
  • Add multiple products to quote basked
  • Keep products in a mini quote basket just like a mini cart
  • Customize Quote button text
  • Customize Quote form fields and make them mandatory or optional
  • Automatic email notifications for admin & customers
  • Customize quote submission messages
  • Redirect after quote form submission
  • Attach quote to multiple menus
  • Compatible with page builder plugins (see documentation for details)

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Download Request a Quote for WooCommerce Nulled v.2.1.0

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