v1.9.8 WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration Nulled

WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration Nulled v1.9.7

2021-01-04 - version 1.9.5
* Fix   - Fixes a category import bug where categories of with the same name are assigned to the incorrect products
* Fix   - Fixes a bug where Webstore properties (long, short, LxWxH) were not being synced from WC->LS correctly
* Fix   - MySQL bugfix for versions > 8.0. The "system" column in the wclsi_attribute_sets table is a reserved keyword. Renames the column to "sys".
* Tweak - Ensure attributes are updated every 30s
* Tweak - Adds a register_taxonomy() call for new product attributes, this ensures attribute taxonomies are created instantly
* New   - Fixes up PHPUnit tests. Automated tests are now run on every new commit, PR, and before every release.

Connect WooCommerce to Lightspeed Nulled Retail and keep inventory in sync across both systems

The Lightspeed Nulled Retail Point of Sale integration for WooCommerce enables your WooCommerce store and Lightspeed Point of Sale Nulled account to communicate and keep inventory in sync.

When a new sale comes in via your Point of Sale system, stock quantities are updated within WooCommerce. When a new order arrives via WooCommerce, your Lightspeed Retail account reflects the same inventory numbers.

WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration Nulled Features

Initial Setup 1-way sync (available)

  • WooCommerce is empty, no products.
  • Lightspeed is full, many products. Free Download
  • Lightspeed fills WooCommerce with products. Initial Import (See next: Load Products from Lightspeed POS).
  • WooCommerce sells products and feeds inventory changes back to Lightspeed
  • Product management is done in Lightspeed for all values that are synced by the extension: Price, images etc. while WooCommerce provides the beautiful storefront. WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration Nulled

WooCommerce Lightspeed Nulled Demo

WooCommerce Lightspeed POS Integration Nulled v1.9.7

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