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Gravity Forms is a premier forms plugin for WordPress. It is immensely popular and even more capable. This Extension allows you to use Gravity Forms form entries as a custom Source for SearchWP, making it possible to search Gravity Forms Entries with SearchWP! SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled

Once SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms has been installed and activated, your Gravity Forms will appear in the Sources list for your SearchWP Engine.

Note: This custom Source can be used only with a Supplemental Engine. SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled

SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled Features

  • Let’s say you were building a feature request area on your website and using Gravity Forms to collect entries.
  • You could utilize SearchWP to allow customers to first search existing entries before submitting their own, so they could join in up-voting the existing submission instead of creating a duplicate.
  • The first step would be to create a new Supplemental Engine that has our Feature Request Form as the Source:
  • With the form chosen (note that you can combine entries from multiple Gravity Forms into a single Engine if you’d like!) you can pick and choose which field(s) you’d like to consider for searching:
  • SearchWP allows you to search the entire Gravity Forms Entry as a whole, optionally consider any Notes that have been added, or choose exactly which field(s) should be considered when searching, each with its own relevancy weight!SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled
  • The SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Extension will make available Gravity Forms Entries as search results. This integrates as any Source would when working with a Supplemental Engine.
  • Unlike a native WordPress search that has The Loop which is an array of WP_Post objects that WordPress’ API interacts with, the results set for a Supplemental Engine can be made up of any SearchWP Source object. SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Free Download
  • Gravity Forms does not have a proper object for Form Entries, each Entry is an array of key value pairs. As a convenience, SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms will return results in a wrapper object:

SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled v0.0.1 Demo

SearchWP Source – Gravity Forms Nulled v0.0.1 Download

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