Autland Suite v.19.26 Social Marketing Tools Full Download

Social media automation: Robots performing tasks

Robots that simulate humans in social media, customer capture and mass marketing. Let our robots work for you, save time, earn money!

A specialized company in renewing your business

There is no way to run Digital Marketing, you realize that by using it the right way, your sales funnel increases, and logically they turn into profits.

The more people find your business, the better the chance of turning them into customers.

We’ve been here since 2007, we’ve never ceased to create, innovate and study how to transform more efficiently by maximizing your media and growing your customers! Test our software.

Autland Suite 2019 Functionality :

Facebook Tools:

  • Mass mailing of messages to users;
  • Add members to groups;
  • Add users to your profile;
  • Parsing email and phone numbers;
  • Parsing members from groups;
  • Parsing users by criteria;
  • Parsing users by likes per message;
  • Massive entry into groups;
  • Mass posting by groups;
  • Posting on the user’s wall;
  • Commenting on posts;
  • Mass User Inviting;
  • The ability to respond to messages and comments.

WhatsApp Tools:

  • Bulk sending messages to users;
  • Create groups and add members;
  • Checker numbers for WhatsApp;
  • Sending messages to contacts on WhatsApp using groups;
  • Sending a message to contacts on WhatsApp.

SMS Tools:

  • Bulk sending messages.

Linkedin Tools:

  • Mass mailing to users.

Email Tools:

  • Bulk mailing.

Skype Tools:

  • Search for users by keywords and adding to contacts;
  • Mass sending messages to contacts.

YouTube Tools:

  • Bulk create channels to subscribe to other channels;
  • Mass commenting on video on channels;
  • Search email by keywords on channels.

Instagram Tools:

  • Massfollowing;
  • Parsing subscribers
  • Parsing Subscriptions
  • Parsing users by likes;
  • Mass mailing to Direct;
  • Extract contact information.

OLX Tools:

  • Bulk sending messages to advertisers via chat;
  • Removing advertisers’ phones.

Twitter Tools:

  • Tweets to users / hashtags;
  • Bulk sending messages.

SEO tools:

  • Mass registration on Google Maps;
  • Keyword generator;
  • Extract data from Google Maps.

Wi-Fi tools:

  • Indicate your Wi-Fi and get information about who has access to your Internet.

Autland Suite v.19.26 Demo

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