Top 10 WordPress E-Commerce Themes

WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS platform, is also used by many major e-commerce companies. Behind the fact that WordPress, which has become a complete e-commerce platform with WooCommerce infrastructure, is so popular is the customizability it offers users.

Thanks to the plugin support, even someone who does not have much experience today can easily publish an easy website and make changes to this site. One of the advantages of wordpress being very preferred is a wide range of theme support.

What is the WordPress E-Commerce Theme?

The WordPress e-commerce theme is actually the master template that website owners can customize. People who do not know how to code can have a fully functional e-commerce site with a user-friendly interface thanks to these themes. Free WordPress e-commerce themes are also available in paid themes as well.

Site owners start selling by choosing from thousands of themes. The next steps for selecting themes are all about customization. However, there are some things to consider when selecting themes.

What to Do with WordPress E-Commerce Themes

Not all website themes are the same, and therefore some points are important when selecting themes. Themes should help users with features as well as make the site easy to customize. Today, all themes are expected to be responsive. In addition, one of the must-haves of an e-commerce site is the features of the product page.

It is recommended to choose pages that allow cross-sale. The shopping cart section, which is the point where users are asked to reach within the site, needs to be updated automatically. In addition, it is extremely important that the site is compatible with mobile devices. Another important point for e-commerce sites is customer support. Although many e-commerce themes today include tools that enable customer support, some more themes still lack this tools. Therefore, customer support had to be considered when making a choice.

Here is the Top 10 WordPress E-Commerce Themes

When selecting an e-commerce theme, both user and site needs should be considered and selected accordingly.

Blossom Shop Pro

The theme, which has both a paid and free version, is compatible with WooCommerce, as well as WPML, Polylang and other e-commerce plugins.


Sarada is a theme developed specifically by targeting small and medium-sized e-commerce sites serving in the field of clothing. Thanks to the live editing feature, changes can be seen instantly.

Online Shop Pro

Online Shop Pro, one of the paid WordPRess e-commerce themes, offers users very strong customizability. All of the main content areas of the site can be changed.

Orchid Store

Orchid Store, a simple but dynamic WordPress theme, cates to websites that sell in almost every area. Thanks to three different demo options, it is possible to take a detailed look before using it.

AccessPress Store

The AccessPress Store, developed by AccessPress Themes, is among the best free WordPress themes. Thanks to its completely responsive and SEO-compliant design, it becomes the users’ chosen one.

Zigcy Lite

One of the biggest features of Zigcy Lite is that it has very in-depth WooCommerce integration. Zigcy Lite is one of the most ideal themes to try out new features, especially woocommerce.


The Foxy e-commerce theme offers users an all-in-one experience. From e-commerce integration to responsive design, Foxy has everything an e-commerce site might need.

Cosmos WP

CosmosWP, a multipurpose WordPress theme, works in harmony with WooCommerce’s Easy Digital Downloads plugin. In addition, thanks to its lightweight design, it allows the website to load quickly, allowing users to get a better experience.


Affiliate is one of the most preferred methods of making money online today and electro caters to this area. For those with affiliates of major e-commerce sites like Amazon or Aliexpress, it’s one of the ideal choices.


Luxury, which has a WooCommerce theme with a different style, is a theme that should be enjoyed by those who want to have a premium store that appeals especially to refined tastes with its color use and typography.

Does wordpress e-commerce theme come in handy?

WordPress e-commerce themes appeal to a specific segment. For example, for individual users who sell what they do at home, having an e-commerce site early on is more of a disadvantage than an advantage in some cases. Businesses that have very large volumes, products or categories have their own platforms instead of WordPress.

WordPress e-commerce themes are extremely useful, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Such businesses already have a payment method. It can be extremely costly for small and medium-sized enterprises to have their own platform, but they must have an e-commerce site to sell online. That’s why the WordPress e-commerce site is becoming the right solution.

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