WordPress Blog Plugins That Should Be Available in a Quality Blog [2020]

Creating a successful blog is possible by organizing content well. Be sure to set up and set up wordpress blog plugins that are essential to your blogging site. In this article, we have listed add-ons that will contribute to the ingring of blogging sites to produce good content.

According to WordPress, 409 million people see more than 20 billion blog posts every month as of today. This suggests that people’s interest in blogs, as well as their demands, are increasing. To start the blogging website, many people see WordPress as an appropriate resource.

If you haven’t opened a blog yet, you can learn how to create a quality blog from our step-by-step Blog Open article. Here we have explained in detail how to set up and publish a blogging site with your own domain name from scratch.

1. Yoast SEO


Yoast SEO for Blog Sites is a necessary plugin. It is now used on all websites. The reason is yoast SEO helps you to get to the top in search engines like Google, Yandex. It explains to you in an instructive way what needs to be done, such as a kind of SEO guide. Yoast SEO was considered the best SEO plugin by WordPress users. Also this plugin is free, there is also a pro version.

Yoast’s mission is “SEO for everyone.” We want to give everyone a location in search engines. Our SEO plugin, blog posts and online courses have allowed both large companies and small websites to get the traffic they want.

Yoast SEO Highlights:

  • Keyword optimization
  • Full control over breadcrums to set up primary categories for mailings.
  • Content Trends to check the match rate for selected keywords.
  • More features like Readability Checks
  • You can get the paid version when you are more professional

2. Jetpack


Jetpack for Blog Sites is a useful plugin. It is also one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Developed by Automattic. This plugin is not only used on blogging sites. It is also available on news, business, etc. websites. Jetpack helps with spam filtering, malware scanning, and DDOS attack protection. This prevents unwanted intrusions on your website. It is one of the most used plugins in WordPress.

Jetpack Highlights:

  • Powerful customization tools for the design you want
  • Faster mobile experience with lazy image loading
  • SEO tools for Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook WordPress.com the world
  • Top-level security with attack protection and spam filtering
  • The ability to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard
  • Fares: Jetpack also has a free version, but they usually make package sales.
  • You decided to open an e-commerce site but don’t know which plugins to use? I explained in detail in my article The Necessary Plugins for E-commerce Site. You’d like to take a look.

3. Ninja Forms


Each site should have a contact page, not just for blog Sites. It is a necessary page for users to reach you. You can make contact information or contact information of users with the help of forms. WordPress has a lot of form plugins, so we think the best form plugin is the “Ninja Forms” plugin. A plugin downloaded by 20,000,000+ WordPress users and one that you can use for free. This plugin is the one that tires the site the least in terms of speed.

Ninja Forms is a form builder that looks easy and elegant to use. While strong enough for professionals, it is an add-on that everyone can learn quickly and easily. Since its interface is Drag and Drop, it is an easy-to-use form plugin. You can create or make changes to your forms at any time.

Ninja Forms Highlights:

  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Make beautiful forms in WordPress without a designer.
  • You don’t need a developer to adjust Advanced Feature settings
  • Payment and donation system and more features
  • The information entered from the form is also kept on your site so that if the e-mail doesn’t come, you can see the data entered from the form from your site.

4. wpDiscuz


To increase engagement with your readers on your blog site, you should use the comment section well. You’ll get your readers’ questions and opinions about your posts in the comments section. Knowing your readers’ opinions about your writing will always keep you one step ahead. WpDiscuz is one of the best plugins for blog sites to add comments section on WordPress. With the help of this plugin, you will have customizable forms and fields.

The Yet Another Related Posts Plugin plugin finds and shares relevant articles for your site. It shares similar content with you based on the content you have written and creates a “Related Articles” section at the back of your articles. You can make changes to your settings and adjust your upseed articles accordingly. Currently, the YARPP plugin Yet Another Related Posts Plugin is an add-on that has exceeded 200+ million downloads. This plugin will also affect your SEO by increasing the traffic of your site. You can download and use the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin plugin for free.

Yarpp Highlights:

  • A small picture or list view of related content.
  • Related publications, pages
  • Template: YARPP’s snioning system shows you how your results are displayed, i.e. your analytics information, and lets you control it.
  • Using a customizable algorithm based on writing titles, content, tags, categories, and custom classifications, YARPP finds relevant content on your site.
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