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Metronic v7.1.8 - 28 December, 2021

HTML Fixed Bootstrap-select and Treeview conflict issue in Webpack build.
HTML Fixed KTDatatable dropdown position issue inside child table.
HTML Fixed Gulp build issue, related to SCSS file import not found.

Adaptive and multi-functional admin panel template, equipped with Twitter Bootstrap and AngularJS blocks. Metronic Nulled can be used for any type of web application: custom administration panels, e-commerce servers, CMS, CRM, SAAS

Metronic Nulled has a sleek, clean and intuitive metro and a flat, balanced design that makes your project appealing and friendly.

Extended license Info for Metronic Nulled

Single extended license can be used for single end product and end product can be used by you or your client. If you want to sell end product to multiple clients then you will need to purchase separate extended license for each client. The same rule applies if you want to use the same end product on multiple domains(unique setup).

Metronic Nulled Features

  1. Download the latest theme source from the marketplace.
  2. Download and install Node.js from The suggested version to install is 12.18.x LTS.
  3. Start command prompt window or terminal and change directory to [metronic]/theme/html/tools/cd theme/html/tools Metronic Free Download
  4. Install the latest npm.npm install --global [email protected]
  5. Install yarn via the npm.npm install --global yarnDon't forget to run yarn upgrade after every Metronic updates released in order to install newly added or updated 3rd-party plugins.
    Use npm cache clean --force command, if installation had failed at any step. Retry from start after it done. Metronic Nulled
  6. Gulp is a toolkit that helps you automate your time-consuming tasks in development workflow. To install gulp globally.npm install --global gulp-cliIf you have previously installed a version of gulp globally, remove it to make sure old version doesn't collide with new gulp-cli.npm rm --global gulpVerify that gulp in successfully installed, and version of installed gulp will appear.gulp --version
  7. Install yarn dependencies. Must execute in [metronic]/theme/html/tools/ folder.yarn
  8. This below command will compile all the assets(sass, js, media) to [metronic]/theme/html/[demo]/dist/assets folder. State which demo to compile and append at the of the command. Eg. --demo1gulp --demo1 Metronic Nulled
  9. Start the localhost server.gulp localhost --demo1Keep the console open. Open this link to run http://localhost:8080/. It will take a few seconds for the build to finish.Press Ctrl+C to quit from localhost.
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