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 VidoRev Nulled
Ver (11/23/2020)
        - 1. New feature: Sign In To Watch ( https://beeteam368.net/vidorev/unravel-solving-puzzles-with-yarn/ )
        - 2. Upgrade: Advance Filter Tags ( Advance Search 2.0 ) - User experience and interaction
        - 3. Improve: Time-Lapses 
        - 4. Update: PLYR 3.6.3
        - 5. Improve: Watch Trailer for Membership feature
        - 6. Upgrade: User Report Video - Submit report without login
        - 7. Minor bugfixes

VidoRev Nulled is a responsive WordPress Theme that's best suited for videos, movies, news, magazines or blogs. With powerful video features, this will bring a whole new experience in creating a video portal on WordPress.

VidoRev Nulled ( Video Revolution ) is a Responsive WordPress Theme best suitable for videomovienewsmagazine or blog. With powerful features for Video, it will bring a whole new experience.

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We support all customers who setup Main Demo Version & Full-Width Demo Version [ Size 1.5GB ]. This working is free and will be implemented one time only after you purchased this product VidoRev Nulled.

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