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BeTheme 21.1.7 Nulled WordPress Theme

BeTheme 21.1.7 is the best product we ever did. This is more than just WordPress theme. Such advanced options panel and Drag&Drop builder tool give unlimited possibilities. To show you how theme works, we have created 15 thematic websites so you can see how amazing this product is.

It can not be described with any words. You must see it!


BeTheme 21.1.7 Nulled 400+ pre-built websites

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Version 21.1.7 – April 23, 2019
* Improved: JavaScript - Some inline scripts removed
* Updated: WPML Plugin - Config file - Official version provided by WPML Team
* Pre-built website: Yacht, Mechanic 4

- changelog.html
- functions.php
- style.css
- wpml-config.xml
- functions/importer/css/style.css
- functions/importer/images/demos.jpg
- functions/importer/demos.php
- functions/theme-functions.php
- functions/theme-shortcodes.php
- muffin-options/validation/color/validation_color.php
- muffin-options/options.php
Version 21.1.6 – April 15, 2019
* Added: Social Icons - Custom Social Icon - Title attribute
  [ Theme Options > Social > General > Custom | title ]
* Fixed: Custom Post type related item - Category select
* Fixed: Blog Slider item - Style: Flat - Undesirable small arrow
* Fixed: Muffin Builder - Templates - Image Gallery item - Editing after import
* Pre-built website: Baker 2, Safari 2

- changelog.html
- functions.php
- style.css
- css/shortcodes.css
- functions/builder/class-mfn-builder-admin.php
- functions/builder/class-mfn-builder-ajax.php
- functions/builder/class-mfn-builder-front.php
- functions/builder/class-mfn-builder-helper.php
- functions/builder/class-mfn-builder-styles.php
- functions/builder/class-mfn-builder.php
- functions/importer/css/style.css
- functions/importer/images/demos.jpg
- functions/importer/demos.php
- functions/post-types/class-mfn-post-type.php
- functions/theme-head.php
- includes/include-social.php
- muffin-options/fields/upload/field_upload.js
- muffin-options/fields/upload_multi/field_upload_multi.js
- muffin-options/theme-options.php

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