v.3.0.4 XenGenTr Forum statistics system English Release Free Download

Important notice: Version 3.0.0 has been working in the XenForo versions 2.1.5 and above.

Content scopes;

  • Topics with new posts
  • New topics
  • Most viewed topics
  • Most reacted topics
  • Most answered topics
  • Users with the most messages

Improved content management

  • As many tabs as you want from any of the above content can be added.
  • Icons can be added for Tab tabs.
  • Only content can be taken from the specified forum, categories.
  • Tab desired title can be added.
  • Tab display can be arranged on the secret.
  • The tab can be opened and closed.
  • Upload content without refreshing the page with Ajax.
  • Upload of selected tab data only.

Visual updates;

  • Improvements in theme features for visual management.

Option updates;

  • Open / close all data related to the subject (Forum, Impression, number of posts, time)
  • Switch Google button on / off
  • Automatic renewal time check.
  • Content display limit improvement.
  • Positioning improvements.
  • Toggle user statistics.


  1. Step 1: Take the attached file
  2. Step 2: Put the contents of the folder named UPLOAD in the file into the folders with the same name as FTP
  3. Step 3: In the Adminpc >> Plugins >> area, find the plugin >> Install with the Install button

Use details;

  • Admincp >> Groups and permissions >> User group permissions >> Group to be authorized >> [XenGenTr] Forum statistics permissions

Source : https://nulledfree.pw/vznmdu


  • Adminpc >> Installations >> XF options >> [XenGenTr] Forum statistics – Options

Adding statistics data

  • Adminpc >> Views and languages >> Views and languages >> [XGT] Forum statistics >> Statistics content

Visual changes

  • Adminpc >> Appearance and languages >> Theme features >> [XenGenTr] statistics – Design

XenGenTr Forum statistics system Nulled Demo

Download XenGenTr Forum statistics system Nulled v.3.0.3

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