[Xen-Soluce] Invite System Fix 1 Nulled v.2.1.5 Free Download

  • This add-on allow you to generate invitation codes to join your forum and more. Invitation code is required for registration, you can manage your codes easily !

Feature summary :

  • Options :
    • Code required during registration
    • Tokens per page
    • Validity of the invitation code :
      • Permanent
      • Until X days
    • Add token :
      • Title
      • User groups
      • Maximum usable
    • Add token user :
      • Title
      • User
      • Maximum usable
    • Alert when a member registered using your invitation code
    • Profile tab : Invitation
    • List code :
      • Filters
      • Show invited users
    • User criteria for trophies/notice :
      • User has invited at least X users
      • User has invited no more than X users
    • Search criteria in the ACP :
      • Most invitations
    • Member stats : Most invitations
    • Banned users :
      • User name
      • Ban length :
        • Permanent
        • Until
      • Reason for banning
  • Permissions :
    • Admin : Manage invitation system
    • User : Can invite someone

[Xen-Soluce] Invite System Fix 1 Nulled Demo


[Xen-Soluce] Invite System Fix 1 Nulled v.2.1.5 Download

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